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This is the privacy policy for Remix.Kwed.Org (RKO). It was last updated on 29/04-2022


RKO is hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. Hosting is provided pro bono by the good people at SceneSat.com.


RKO uses a single necessary cookie. “Last_Visit” contains an Epoch timestamp. The timestamp is read by RKO and used to highlight any remixes added since your last visit, and is updated to contain a timestamp of your last interaction with the site. The contents of the "Last_Visit" cookie are only used during page retrieval and only stored in server RAM for the duration of the request.

RKO uses no preference, statistics or marketing cookies.


RKO aggregates the number of downloads for each available remix using a simple counter that is increased by 1 with each download.

To conserve bandwidth and limit single users from execessively downloading files, RKO keeps a temporary log that contains the hour each download is initiated, the ID of the remix being downloaded and the IP address that initiates the download. This information is used to limit downloads over a 12-hour period. The data is automatically deleted after 12 hours.

Remix artists who submit tunes for public consumption on Remix.Kwed.Org will be required to enter a valid contact e-mail address. Artist and remix information submitted to Remix.Kwed.Org is passed on to Remix64.com, where it is possible for visitors to both sites to rate and review the publiced tunes. Thus, your contact details (name, email address, group (if specified), website (if specified) and IP address at the time of upload, will be stored on both sites.

RKO allows end-users to contact remix artists through a feedback form - without disclosing the remix artists e-mail address. Remix64 will only publish your contact information if specifically asked to do so by you, when you create an account there. If a remix artist chooses to reveal his/her e-mail address by replying to an e-mail received via a feedback form, that is their personal choice.

If you choose to use the contact form on RKO, it logs your IP address, name e-mail address and the recipients artist id. This data will only be used in the event of remix creators being harassed anonymously. Apart from the person you are e-mailing your name and e-mail address will never be disclosed to others. This data is automatically deleted after 180 days.


RKO uses 'nginx' web server software. It uses the 'Combined Log Format' (host, ident, authuser, date, request, status, bytes, referrer and user-agent). Log data is automatically deleted after 15 days.


Feel free to get in touch, by using this feedback form.