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Yes and no. You are free to add the files obtained here to your music library and sync them to your MP3 player. But if you want to use them publicly in your youtube videos, stage plays, wedding ceremony or whatever you should ask the remix artist beforehand. Or at the very least give proper attribution. Partly because this stuff is created by nice people who make their work available for your free enjoyment and partly because it's the right thing to do. Also, please bear in mind that the music available on Remix.Kwed.Org is based on SID tunes that are still under copyright by the artist who created the original tunes.

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Date Title Arranger Composer Rating
04/09/23 Honey Bee Title (Knorrie at the Fun Fair Remix) Yogi & SunSpire Joachim Wijnhoven & R. Hermans Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
04/09/23 Funkey A Soul (the hardest part) Eivind Sommersten Tomas Danko Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
21/08/23 Blue Comic Bakery Monday (Mashup Remix) ALPA Martin Galway Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
21/08/23 Magic Johnsons Basketball Eivind Sommersten Tim Follin Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
21/08/23 Commando (The Guitar Ballad) Dr Future Rob Hubbard Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
21/08/23 Forester Ingame 1 (Knorrie on the Farm Remix) Yogi & SunSpire Joachim Wijnhoven Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
21/08/23 Human Race (tune 4) Tim Forsyth Rob Hubbard Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
14/08/23 Counter Force - The Neutralizer 0supereg0 Jens Blidon Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
14/08/23 SEC-T 2023 (feat. Oscar Danielsson) JLD Alexander Wiklund (Wiklund) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
14/08/23 Hawaiian Punch Eivind Sommersten Erwin Beekveld (Tron) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
07/08/23 Censor Groove Censor Design Makke / LMan / Swallow Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
07/08/23 Exorcist Title Gotshi Thomas Mogensen (DRAX) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
07/08/23 Purple Liner Intro (Dystopia in Ukraine) Yogi & Cosmiq Joachim Wijnhoven & R. Hermans Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
07/08/23 Legend of Kage Johan Andersson Fred Gray Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
07/08/23 Good Enough [RKO edit] JLD & ziona Stellan Andersson (Dane) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
18/07/23 Mislead BeeZerk Factor6 Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
18/07/23 Somewhere Minor Eivind Sommersten Edwin van Santen Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
17/07/23 Kikstart II remix Nadin0xD400 Shaun Southern Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
17/07/23 Think Twice III Arok Entry Tony Fluke73 Wiren Jeroen Kimmel (Red) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
17/07/23 Gerry the Germ (tune 2) Tim Forsyth Rob Hubbard Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
17/07/23 Tristesse Dr Future Thomas Mogensen (DRAX) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
09/07/23 Shogun Aarrow Steve Lee Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
09/07/23 Cybernoid II (C64 Modern Mix) X-Wave Jeroen Tel Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
09/07/23 Out of Nothing (feat. Atom Guitar) Eivind Sommersten Kjell Nordbø Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
09/07/23 Double Dragon Colmarr Charles Deenen Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
14/06/23 Hotrod Tim Forsyth Jeroen Tel Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
14/06/23 Stinsens Last Night of 89 Eivind Sommersten Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
14/06/23 Paperboy Live Performance Tony Fluke73 Wiren Mark Cooksey Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
14/06/23 Myth Tyros Edition Tony Fluke73 Wiren Jeroen Tel Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
12/06/23 The Alibi Dr Future Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
06/06/23 Something to Remember Steve Foster Pawel Kulikowski (Comer) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
02/06/23 Immortal Flash BeeZerk Ari-Pekka Paljakka (Zardax) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
02/06/23 S-Express Eivind Sommersten Jeroen Tel Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
22/05/23 Acid Eivind Sommersten Thomas Mogensen (DRAX) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
16/05/23 Armageddon Man (Kept On Ice) Wobbler David Whittaker Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
15/05/23 Knight 'n' Grail Ending (A Knight Adventure) Tim Forsyth & Yogi Hans Axelsson Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
15/05/23 Plastic Pop (Plastic Fantastic) Wobbler Tomas Danko Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
08/05/23 Clystron Ravetracer Thomas Detert Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
08/05/23 Dreams II Steve Foster Zoltán F. Földi (Eclipse) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
08/05/23 Parallax (Wikipedia Mix) Dr Future Martin Galway Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
03/05/23 Driller (Arrival) [Cinematic64] Slaygon Matt Gray Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
02/05/23 Sensual Parallax - Parallax Loader 0supereg0 Martin Galway Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
28/04/23 Synthwave Dreams 0supereg0 Zoltán F. Földi (Eclipse) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
24/04/23 Scarabaeus - The Escape Tim Forsyth Unknown Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
24/04/23 Galactic Games 1 The 2nd (tune) Steve Foster Steve Barrett (The Eggman) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
21/04/23 Artillery (Heavy Punk Artillery) Dan Tootill Geir Tjelta Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
21/04/23 Coop Ups Eivind Sommersten JCH & Morten Kristensen (MSK) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
21/04/23 Mutants (Encore64) Fred Gray & Peter Clarke Fred Gray Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
21/04/23 Tintin on the Moon (Encore64) Fred Gray & Tomas Danko Jeroen Tel Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
21/04/23 Deformata (Encore64) Danko Tomas Danko Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
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