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Free MP3s? Nice! Can I use them for anything?

Yes and no. You are free to add the files obtained here to your music library and sync them to your MP3 player. But if you want to use them publicly in your youtube videos, stage plays, wedding ceremony or whatever you should ask the remix artist beforehand. Or at the very least give proper attribution. Partly because this stuff is created by nice people who make their work available for your free enjoyment and partly because it's the right thing to do. Also, please bear in mind that the music available on Remix.Kwed.Org is based on SID tunes that are still under copyright by the artist who created the original tunes.

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Date Title Arranger Composer Rating
27/01/23 Lakers vs. Celtics Dr Future Rob Hubbard & Jason Page Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
25/01/23 Xenon Up all night 0supereg0 Paul Tonge Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
23/01/23 Mission A.D. gameplay theme (orchestral rock mix) Skaven252 Fred Gray Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
23/01/23 Tendance BeeZerk Martijn Schutten (Junebug) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
23/01/23 West Bank Panic DashN Fred Gray Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
19/01/23 Fiendish Freddys Big Top o Fun Intro Music Tony Fluke73 Wiren Barry Leitch Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
19/01/23 Lightforce Live Performance Tony Fluke73 Wiren Rob Hubbard Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
17/01/23 Arkanoid Eivind Sommersten Martin Galway Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
16/01/23 Comic Bakery (Party Edition) Hazel Martin Galway Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
16/01/23 Spy vs Spy (Rhodes of Spies remix) Mozolowski Nick Scarim / Copyright (C) 1984 First Star Software Inc. Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
16/01/23 17 - Zeta - Extazia Oxx Fredrik Zetterlund (Zeta) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
12/01/23 Delta - At your humble service 0supereg0 Rob Hubbard Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
10/01/23 Metal Warrior Ultra Glyn R Brown Lasse Öörni (Cadaver) & Jammer Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
09/01/23 Delta Multi Genre 0supereg0 Rob Hubbard Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
09/01/23 Never Plus Eivind Sommersten Jens-Christian Huus Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
03/01/23 Hawkeye's High Score Steve Foster Jeroen Tel Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
28/12/22 Laxity - Yield Point - Chill & Pop Oxx Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
26/12/22 Winter Games (Sylvester Levay 6.1 Mix) Dr Future David Thiel Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
22/12/22 DNA Warrior (Nobody wants to be my friend) Eivind Sommersten Thomas Petersen & K.Christensen Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
19/12/22 Running on Empty Jogeir Liljedahl & Rapture Johan Samuelson (Stinsen) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
12/12/22 S1 - Reject Oxx Vincent Merken (Vip) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
12/12/22 Hades Nebula Title (Etheral Chill Mix) Jinx138 Ben Daglish Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
05/12/22 Green Beret BeeZerk Martin Galway Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
01/12/22 Vertigo (go deeper) Eivind Sommersten Sami Seppä (Rock) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
30/11/22 One Man and his Droid (2022 Jarre space mix) chosc Rob Hubbard Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
29/11/22 Camel Riders Inc Glyn R Brown Johannes Bjerregaard (The Jerk) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
28/11/22 Last Ninja - Wilderness (No Wang Edit) Uraniummind Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
28/11/22 Last Ninja - Wilderness (Broken Stereo Remix) Uraniummind Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
27/11/22 Giana Sisters (final battle mix) Dj Space Chris Hülsbeck Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
24/11/22 Angel Face - Back to Basics Remix Oxx Richard Bayliss Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
24/11/22 Oceana Eivind Sommersten Richard Nygaard Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
23/11/22 Beyond (The Ballad Mix) Dr Future Thomas Mogensen & Søren Lund Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
23/11/22 Beyond (The Uptempo Mix) Dr Future Thomas Mogensen & Søren Lund Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
20/11/22 LED Storm Highscore Tim Forsyth Tim Follin Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
15/11/22 Stormlord Reyn Ouwehand Johannes Bjerregaard & J. Tel Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
13/11/22 Cybernoid II (Like a Dream) Mario Barbierato Jeroen Tel Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
13/11/22 Massive Wormhole Rock & JLD Sami Seppä (Rock) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
10/11/22 Last Ninja (Shanghai Blues) 0supereg0 Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
08/11/22 Sweet Reyn Ouwehand Johannes Bjerregaard Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
07/11/22 Counting Floors Eivind Sommersten Johan Samuelson (Stinsen) & mch Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
31/10/22 JAQ (LMMS+SID remix) Agemixer Ari Yliaho (Agemixer) Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
29/10/22 Golden Axe Marton Bencze Jeroen Tel Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
27/10/22 On Top of Myth Johan Andersson Chris Hülsbeck Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
26/10/22 Alloyrun (break mix) Dj Space Jeroen Tel Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
25/10/22 Kinetik BeeZerk Peter Clarke Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
25/10/22 Batman & Powerhouse Jogeir & Mordi Matthew Cannon Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
25/10/22 Katapillar Eliminator (Ice Age mix) Tim Forsyth Chris Hülsbeck Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
25/10/22 Giana Overlords Eivind Sommersten Chris Hülsbeck Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
22/10/22 ACE 2 (Danger Zone Edit) Dr Future Rob Hubbard Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview] Remixers Website
22/10/22 Grand Prix Circuit Title Oxx Kris Hatlelid Rating [SID] [Lo-Fi preview]
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